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Fairy godmother?

Poster by Luke Dacey for the movie The Usual Suspects

I am watching The Usual Suspects on YouTube. This silly TV version has dubbed out the swearing.

One of the classic, idiotic dubs is “fairy godmother.” Fairy godmother? Fairy godmother?! I am pretty sure the fairy replaces the F word. I am not sure about the godmother part. I do not know the movie that well, line-for-line. Co—ucker?

This reminds me of the edits in Die Hard. One is “Mr. Falcon,” which came up on a Conan episode, part of quite a funny segment.

By the way, I was recently banned from Twitter for describing someone, a politician, with the word whore. One of the hall monitors at Twitter HQ did not like that and promptly banished me from the kingdom.


Gavin & Ed

There is nothing better than friendship.

I love this photo.

“He made everything easy. I treasured his friendship. He was a lovely soul who will make heaven brighter.”


Only the right “news”


Democrats in Congress only want certain “news” outlets to operate. Congressional Democrats sent a letter to Comcast, Amazon, Google, AT&T, and other companies, demanding to know how each will deal with “the spread of dangerous misinformation” from Fox NewsOAN, and Newsmax, including whether or not the corporations will continue to allow the content on their services.


I’ve been asking this for years! Why so many boxes?

Why do I have to check any box?
If we live in a world where
we’re not supposed to judge,
why should anyone care about
identifying? The race question
in America is one that probably
never produces a satisfactory answer
for those who are asking the questions.”
— Mike Tirico

I have been asking this for years! Why do I have to check a box? Why am I forced to answer stupid questions? Why are so many obsessed with putting me into categories? Kudos to Mike Tirico.

To close this out, let me quote Joe Biden. “You ain’t black!” That happens to be a twisted talking point by the fools at The Root.


RIP, Fox News’ Red Eye. I will miss thee. 📺

I have Fox News to thank for introducing me to the likes of Andrew Breitbart, Greg Gutfeld, Bill Schulz, Mike Baker, Jim Norton, and many other gems of humanity via its late night, early morning show Red Eye, which network execs have axed after a solid run just shy of a decade.

Sadly, Fox News needs more hip, relevant shows, not less. So the cancellation may signal a move in the wrong direction.

For a bit of nostalgia, just hit the YouTube. Thankfully, memorable clips of the show will live on.