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I’d like to see the methodology. I find it dubious. Call me skeptical.


The results may not be scientific, but they sure were amusing.”

My favorites are West Virginia and Connecticut. Kudos to those keeping “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!” alive. I actually sang the song from Mary Poppins on stage during high school. It was so much fun! A duet with Bethany Wiggins, a crazy Mormon girl.


Whether or not this is legit, I don’t know. But I sure as hell am hoping it is. Kim Jong on Twitter?!

Mutant pigs.
The Japanese countryside.
dumbfounded peasants.

My favorite tweet of the day comes from North Korea, the DPRK News Service, the “official” news feed of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Please don’t be a parody account. Please, be real. Please tell me that Kim Jong-un loves to tweet as much as Donald Trump.

Doesn’t get much better than this. Gonna have to pay more attention to this Twitter account.


Streaming NFL games on Twitter? An odd venue, but it’s about freakin’ time.

Sadly, the streaming deal only applies to ten Thursday night games, which are often a bore.

The NFL has been taking its time getting games online. It drives me nuts that over-the-air broadcasts of games are free, but any streaming comes at hefty prices. NBC was the best, streaming Sunday Night Football for a few years before being cutoff by an increasingly greedy NFL.

One Sunday, years ago, I discovered an illegal stream of the RedZone channel on the now defunct justin.tv. I happily watched for hours, fascinated by the incredible flow. There was never a lull in the action. Somewhere, in some game, there was exciting play, and the RedZone folks could and would cut to it for everyone to watch.

I was shocked that the NFL copyright hawks had not shut it down right away. We fans got a treat that day. Usually the NFL is quick to the draw on copyright violations, particularly on game days.



Easter Greetings! ¡Felices Pascuas!

Looking through Easter greetings from celebrities on Twitter.

The Easter bunny freaking out kids seems to be popular. Ellen posted such a photo, as did Kelly Clarkson. Kelly’s daughter clearly did not like being there.

One of the things I like best about President Obama is his family. He appears to be a solid family man, which is increasingly rare these days. They’ve got a great-looking, very tall family. I wonder what the daughters will do after life in the White House.

The best Easter pic out there, in my opinion, is Ozzy dressed as a demented bunny. It’s perfect.

I wonder what Guillermo del Toro is up to. He posted a pic while at home, which is dubbed Bleak House. Hes a fascinating fellow.

One of the strangest is a Kardashian posting a shot from a devotional, complete with Godtalk and Bible verses. It doesn’t really fit her image.


Ƹ◔_◔Ʒ Math & Me ن

A fella on Twitter sent me a direct message today, which is unusual. I don’t get many people writing to me that way, usually they just send a tweet with my handle, @aaronjhill.

He was wondering about the symbols by my name, Ƹ◔_◔Ʒ ∂ªΓºƞ ن.

“What is the significance of those mathematical symbols on your profile and what do they mean as a group. I’m stumped.”

I’m still surprised he didn’t see a face there.

“It’s my face. Two ears. two eyes & my nose. The other symbol is what Islamic terrorists use to identify Christians in Syria & Iraq.”

Of course, it’s not really ‘my face,’ but a representation of it.

“Ah. I see math in everything. And now I see the ISIS character.”

Ah, math. I never really liked studying it, with a few exceptions, such as algebra and set theory. One of the best math classes I ever took was in college, MTH105. It was actually kinda fun at times.

— ∂ªΓºƞ

Voodoo & Company

A photo of Voodoo Donuts in Portland at night.

Since I used a photo from a gentleman this morning, I think it’s only proper give credit where credit is do, as the saying goes. That can be hard to do Twitter, with only 140 characters of space to type.

He has a great blog with some terrific photography, 3inNYC. He knows what he’s doing with a camera.

I discovered him, and the photograph, while searching for an image of Voodoo Donuts to use. I would have taken my own, but my usual standby’s battery, an iPod Touch, has completely died, after months of barely being able to hold a charge for long. I’ve had it for years, a steady companion to my travels. I miss having him around. Gonna have to get it fixed, either by replacing the battery myself, no easy task, or sending it to Apple, which isn’t cheap.

He like me, wrote about “keeping Portland weird.” It’s the theme of the day apparently. He’s also written about faith, which I find interesting, though I haven’t had time yet to read it fully.