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The Children’s Blizzard is “the gripping story of an epic prairie snowstorm…”


The Children’s Blizzard, a book by a man named David Laskin, is “the gripping story of an epic prairie snowstorm that killed hundreds of newly arrived settlers and cast a shadow on the promise of the American frontier.”

My mother’s grandparents had arrived the year before, in 1887, from Germany with two of their children, Emil and Otillie, who was named after an aunt. What happened to these two no one knows. I’ve been looking and looking for years.

Obviously, death must have taken them away, since besides the immigration paperwork, they are never mentioned again. Did they get caught up in the blizzard like so many others? I will keep hunting for details. They deserve to be remembered and their stories told.


Lightning has been an occasional recurring theme in the family tree


I have been tying branches of my grandmother’s family together and in so doing came upon this account of lightning striking a house.

The house of Rev. Israel Hay, on Mechanic street, Fredericksburg, on Sunday afternoon was struck by lightning. The bolt struck the east gable end and for some distance tore up the ——–, and then descended down to the kitchen, playing sad havoc with the glass and chinaware.”

Israel, perhaps the son of David Hay and Nancy Miller, was pastor at the Church of God in Fredericksburg in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.

Lightning has been a recurring occasional theme in the family tree. One of my ancestors was struck by it, making for a brief peculiar historical highlight.


❄️️ I have had enough of this long-term weather pattern, thank you very much.

Another ‘Special Weather Statement’!?
How many of these have we had this winter?

Snow yet again!? The National Weather Service has issued a Special Weather Statement for Seattle and vicinity warning of possible snow throughout the first weekend of March.

Special Weather Statement for Seattle and Vicinity, Washington

Issuing Office: Seattle/Tacoma
Source: National Weather Service
6:47am PST, Fri Mar 3


It really is difficult to read ALL CAPS, so I am gonna convert it over using a handy online tool.

… Lowland snow showers and localized snow accumulations likely from Saturday through Monday… A return to cold and showery weather is expected from tonight through Monday morning. The air mass should be sufficiently cold to support snow showers over the lowlands, especially during the cooler morning hours from Saturday through Monday. It is too early to pinpoint specific snowfall amounts and locations. So the main message right now is simply to expect hit-and-miss snowfall accumulations around 1 inch or less at almost any time from Saturday through Monday. The cooler morning hours represent the more likely time of day to get accumulating snow. Air temperatures will generally be above freezing, so any snow accumulations are likely to melt a few hours after occurring.


It’s been strange but beautiful weather


I knew it was warm yesterday, but I didn’t realize how hot it was. Eighty-nine degrees is impressive.

There’s more of the same today.

It has been very warm off and on since early April.

The warmth extended far north, into British Columbia, where the city of Prince George broke a 103-year-old record.

Maybe “global warming” ain’t such a bad idea. It sure beats the alternative, cold and wet, though it was chilly this morning.


“‘All the signs were pointing to another bad year.’ Yet the nightmare scenario never happened.”


Today I discovered this article on the front page of my hometown newspaper.

Hmm, “forecasters don’t know quite everything,” yet the climate change doomsdayers continue to push their agenda thanks to a mostly compliant media.

Let me re-write this. Let’s just replace a few key words here and there.

“If there were ever a year to remind Oregonians that weather forecasters climate change researchers don’t know quite everything, this winter brought proof.”

Yet the nightmare scenario never happened.

The irony is that’s all we have to change. They can’t predict how much rain is gonna fall this year, but expect us to believe they know how hot the world will be in ten.

“The rainy season began with a serious amount of pessimism, as forecasters and climatologists fretted about a strong El Nino fueling a third straight winter of thin snowpack.”

Shockingly, the weather folks were pessimistic, overly so.

“Oregon was already mired in a historic drought — following one of the hottest and driest years on record in 2015 — and the consensus was more bad news was headed our way.”

And here we get another lie willingly repeated and reinforced by so-called journalists. Twenty-fifteen was “one of the hottest and driest years on record.” This claim is garbage. Total hype.

“‘I remember being really worried in October. All the signs were pointing to another bad year.’”

“Yet the nightmare scenario never happened.”

Hey, whaddya know, the experts got it wrong! And will continue to do so. After all, they are only human.


Freaky. Arcing Electricity from a Power Pole Ignites an Unlucky Tree.


The firefighters and power company were on top of the situation quickly, the arcing electricity and subsequent fire, thankfully. Unsure how the tree is faring, though.

The wind storm was impressive. There was plenty of rain, too, quite heavy at times. It’s been an unusual winter, extremely wet, even by Seattle standards.

The lights flickered a bit in the Redmond library this afternoon. The wind kept blasting away, last night and into today. It has finally died down.