I’ll be posting some links to some of my other projects and work on the ‘Projects’ page. Other, more general links, will be posted here.

Google, and its many subdomains and projects, I use just about every day. The news sites are very worthwhile. I read the English language ones regularly. There’s Canada, Ireland, Great Britain, India. I rarely visit Australia and New Zealand for some reason. Sometimes I plunge into German news.

Other news sites I use are the BBC, CBC, and RTE. The New York Times and its global operation, the International Herald Tribune, I have been reading for years. Russia Today, despite it’s ties to the Kremlin, is also worthwhile.

I’ve been added to the ‘academics’ category in the blog directory at Oddly there isn’t a history section.

CouchSurfing is one site I use, where I have a few friends.

I usually keep up on the news. One might call me a news junkie. A terrific resource for this is The Newseum, which dedicates part of its site to newspapers’ front pages. These are updated every day.

Like Al Gore, I like checking Drudge from time to time. I also use my Twitter feed to keep abreast of news. Twitchy is another good resource, both the app and the stand-alone site.


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