The Top Ten

While at one of my favorite places, a book store, I discovered a book of lists just for men compiled by Russell Ash. There are lists on just about everything. In fact, Ash has a website dedicated to top ten lists.

Of course, what interests me most are the historical ones, such as the oldest buildings in the United States and its longest-running newspapers.

The White Horse Tavern in Rhode Island, built sometime prior to 1673, is one of America’s oldest buildings still standing. The Wayside Inn in Sudbury, Massachusetts is another site with a storied past. The Moravian Book Shop in Pennsylvania started in 1745 and it’s still operating. Among the oldest newspapers in the United States are the New Hampshire Gazette and the Hartford Courant.

I have all sorts of scribbled notes from this book, so I’ll be adding more tidbits as I have time.


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