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Born in Iowa, I now live in Seattle. My parents met in South Dakota. During the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl many families left. My great uncle made his way west in 1939 with some of his hometown friends. Their destination was Anacortes, Washington, where they'd landed jobs building a log mill. My great uncle continued to Seattle, for a time living in the Greenlake neighborhood with a family from that same hometown.

Dale Haufle of Lake Preston, South Dakota

Dale lived on the farm which was his grandfather’s homestead for 84 years… He farmed that land and also worked for many neighbors… Dale was a kind-hearted and fun-loving soul. He was known as a trickster and always loved a good joke. He looked out for everyone and was always willing to lend a hand wherever he was needed.”


The first e-reader


Something for me to investigate. I love doing research.

“In 1949, Angela Ruiz, a teacher from Spain, created the first e-reader (although it was not technically ‘electronic’). Her e-reader was text printed onto spools that were operated by compressed air.”