“Bill Clinton has made a mess.” That’s what he does. It’s his thing, his modus operandi.

Bill Clinton meeting with the attorney general, Ms. Lynch, while she oversees an investigation of his wife is anything but surprising.

The most interesting take on it from the talking heads is from Tucker Carlson and Frank Luntz. They think that Bill is purposely sabotaging Hillary and her campaign. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Like Luntz, I would love for some psychologists to weigh in on this.

And the man who is setting the curve, with the correct answer on this test, is Rush Limbaugh, who argues that it will be a cold day in hell before a Democratic-controlled White House, Department of Justice and FBI are gonna get anywhere close to indicting one of their favored own, and that’s in a normal year.

This year the subject of this criminal investigation, the one and only Hillary Clinton, happens to be none other than the party’s nominee to be president and the standard-bearer of the party.

And folks honestly think she has a good chance of being indicted by her allies in the liberal cause? These various officials, political appointees all, will risk losing the White House to Donald Trump?



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