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One of the sailors killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor has finally been buried, at Arlington.


Walter Rogers was his name. He was from South Dakota and stationed on the USS Oklahoma.

He was just a typical teenager. He loved cars and all things mechanical. It was during the Depression, and no one had any money. We were a very poor family, but he was an ambitious teenager. And he would scrounge around for parts for a car. And he finally was able to accumulate enough parts to make a functioning automobile.”

Scientists used mitochondrial DNA and dental analysis to identify Rogers’ remains.


Bob Burgess, Boss

It’s nice to see a tribute to my old boss. I worked for him back in the Nineties. He lived in Wallingford, a neighborhood in Seattle.

I did some graphic design and other computer work for him. I also mowed the grass at the apartment complex where he lived, which he owned. He called his little operation Burgess and Associates.

Mr. Burgess was a vet. He served during World War II in the Pacific theater. I am sure he had many stories to tell, but he only told me about them briefly.

He was more concerned with the direction of the country. A very conservative and religious man.

One man in particular drew his ire, retired newsman Walter Cronkite. Cronkite had helped found a liberal interest group called The Interfaith Alliance. Bob wanted to counter it with a group he called The Outer Faith Alliance. His heart may have been in the right place, but, of course, our efforts didn’t amount to much.

I am glad I got to know him a little. Sadly, his wife had died before I started working for him.